Client : Telemicro & Digital 15
Location: Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic

“Telemicro” and “Digital 15” are located in a newly renovated building that houses two identical production serial digital (ITU-R601) infrastructures to feed the two channels. These rooms include two separate control rooms. A shared Grass Valley™ Networked Attached Storage (NAS) system, and combined linear and nonlinear edit and graphics suites. The master control, engineering and studio control rooms are uniquely divided up by acoustically sensitive, double-pane glass, which allows employees and visiting public tours to see the entire workplace at a glance.

“Faced with the worldwide move to digital production, we decided to leap forward from the existing [analog] state of television in our country to a first-class digital facility that would successfully blend our Latin style of television work with a tapeless, server-based, content-shared environment,: said Gomez-Diaz. “We did not want technology to overwhelm our work style or philosophy and we feel we succeeded in making our production and news operations faster, fresher, and more stylish,” he added. “The equipment choices we made reaffirmed our leadership position and ensure our investment.”